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Pest Control Atlantic County, NJ

Richmond Pest Control is based in Brigantine, NJ, but serves all residential and commercial properties in Atlantic County, NJ. Throughout our 25 years in the pest control industry, our exterminators have developed the necessary skills and knowledge to understand bug and rodent behavior. This experience allows us to implement the necessary techniques for removal, extermination and future prevention. We’re available for a wide variety of pest control services in Atlantic County, NJ, focusing on inspections, rodent & wildlife removal, insects, termites and bed bugs. To discuss your pest control needs, call 609-266-4200 to speak with one or our knowledgeable staff members and to schedule an inspection at your Atlantic County, NJ property.

Pest Control Services in Atlantic County NJ

Inspections & Evaluations: There are clear & obvious signs of a pest problem: droppings, a nest and strange sounds & smells, among other things. But unless you are an industry expert you have no way to tell how bad the infestation may be. An inspection & evaluation by a pest control professional is the only  way to identify the source of the problem and come up with an effective removal and prevention strategy.

Rodents & Wildlife: Rats, mice and wildlife pests can not only wreak havoc on your home but can also carry diseases & viruses detrimental to your family’s health. Once they’ve found a secure and constant food source, mice will begin breeding and multiplying quickly. Richmond Pest Control can safely remove rodents and wildlife from your property and set you up with a long-term plan for future infestations.

Insect Control: Our 25 years of experience mean we’ve dealt with all types of bug issues. From roaches to ants, mosquitos, spiders and more, our exterminators can safely & effectively rid your Atlantic County NJ home or business of even the worst pest infestations.

Termites Control: Termites are the most destructive pests for residential and commercial properties. Annually, they cause over $5 billion in damages annually, both indoors and outside. While there is little that can be done to fully prevent them, we offer highly effective termite infestation extermination services.

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are another pest that needs several rounds of property treatment for full extermination. We utilize steam vapor and chemical treatments to remove, treat and prevent future bed bug issues in your home or commercial space.

Extermination Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

Richmond Pest Control is available for pest control and extermination throughout Atlantic County, NJ. Call 609-266-4200 to schedule your no obligation pest or rodent inspection & evaluation today!

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